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-+-Sugizo badge-+- by zirio -+-Sugizo badge-+- by zirio
Let me just say that the amount of hysteria and nervous panic that went in to this badge is just ridiculous. I found out less than a few days before Anime Expo that there was going to be a gift drop off for the members of S.K.I.N. and I had no idea what to do.

Panic much? Oh yes.

Zac took the brunt of it and helped me through my anxiety attacks while I worked on these badges, as well as helped me pick out colors and themes. He did a great job with some of the color selections, where I was totally lost and only had a basic idea.

Out of all the S.K.I.N. badges I made, I think I'm the most comfortable with this one, even though I know the least about Sugizo. Red and black are colors I know how to work with, and considering the clothes he wears on stage, I picked up the general feel for his visual style pretty quickly. I also enjoyed doing the lettering on this one the most.

Even if it killed my hands to do it.

I'm also really pleased with the bleached and redyed look his hair has, which was a combined effect of about six to seven different colors. It was difficult, but the end result was really worth it.

I really, really hope he liked it. ;; o ;;

Sugizo is property of himself. Seriously, folks.
Art was mine, the original is in Sugizo's hands.

...I hope. TT ^ TT
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July 5, 2007
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